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My initial thoughts when I first tried scrolling was that the Mac was crap, but thankfully this excellent resource made it all very clear. A […]. Using the scrollbar without arrows is a pain.

Show or hide scroll bars in Office for Mac

Can we make the scroll bars wider and blue like they were on older Macs — I find the narrow grey ones horrible. Thank you very much for the tip. After all this, I decided to format and go back to Snow Leopard. I hope someone builds a 3rd party version of spaces for Lion because eventually I will be forced to get it makes me sad.

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Makes me wonder if the guys at Apple are actually thinking about developers when they build this stuff. I agree. It is getting more and more annoying as Apple rolls out each version. They are not thinking for developers. Functional values are equally important as aesthetic values. This time, fortunately, Apple allows a toggle selection in preferences.

Think of one day they will not give any options! Just recently Year , we discover Photos does not display file name any more and there is no option to toggle it on! Apple said that you could enter title for each photo. I have 50K of photos and the file name represents the inventory number.

I have to re-enter them all! Return the arrows together at both the top and bottom of the scroll bar the change is a form of elder abuse. The older people who use the mac are extremely irritated and upset at this change they have not changed to the new stile of mouse and have a gustier that involves one finger for apple. I might not be in the age group but I agree with them and give apple the same Gustier. The way they reversed the scrolling direction of wheel mice, and hid the scrollbars by default is pretty cheeky.

But I still give Apple some Gustier too whatever that is! Oh yeah! Any way to do that? The scrollbars are there to give the user a clue. It can tell you if there is information not currently visible on the screen. Without the scrollbars, you must always try to scroll. This is silly and a waste of time.

Mac Microsoft Word scroll bar not responding

I prefer the scroll bars to be always visible, definitely on my MacBook Air. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Mac User says:. July 9, at pm. Charlie Herda says:. October 2, at pm. Poornima says:. July 3, at pm. Kathy says:. August 24, at am. Jai says:. May 12, at pm. Laura says:. April 29, at am. Maxine in NW Kansas says:. March 17, at pm. Steve Jobs says:. March 2, at am.

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How to get a scroll bar on your Mac

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