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OneCast for iOS review: Playing Xbox One on the iPad is refreshing and liberating

Click a quality. You can test out what works best for you based on your internet speed and connection quality. OneCast works just fine if you have your Xbox controller connected straight to your Xbox One. You can continue using your headset plugged into the controller, and you'll receive haptic feedback. If, however, you're too far away from your Xbox One for a solid controller connection — whether trying out remote play or in a far corner of your home — you can connect the Xbox controller straight to your Mac with either Bluetooth or a USB connection.

If you indeed go with this option, keep in mind that a headset plugged into the controller will lose the use of its microphone and you also won't get any haptic feedback. For Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controllers, you can connect as you would any other Bluetooth device.

Simple Ways to Mirror PC to Xbox One

Click the Bluetooth icon in the top-right corner of your Mac and choose the controller from the list. For controllers that connect with USB, you must install an Xbox controller driver. Luckily, it's included with OneCast and only takes a second to install. Both the Xbox One and iMac were in my office, located about 30 feet away from the router, and I chose the Very High video quality option before launching. With Cuphead , a game that requires precision movements and perfect timing, I noticed virtually no latency issues.

I felt like I was playing the game with the Xbox One connected to my TV, and I was just as good bad at the game here as I am with a regular setup. Using the same hardware I ran a second test, this time with my Xbox One using a wireless 5GHz connection rather than a wired connection.

Plex Media Server

The iMac also stayed on the wireless connection, and I again tried out Cuphead with the Very High video quality setting. This time the fact that I was streaming was a bit more noticeable, but the game remained entirely playable. For a final test, I ran Titanfall 2 multiplayer with both devices using wireless connections.

This time there was some noticeable latency, and when I tested again with a wired connection to the Xbox One, the same issues appeared, though slightly less evident. This was no doubt due to the Xbox One having to deal with the game's multiplayer connection as well as the connection to my Mac. The fact that the game requires a bit more power to run than Cuphead likely has something to do with it as well.

The bottom line here? OneCast works as well as the Windows 10 streaming equivalent but still suffers from some of the same issues.

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Multiplayer games that require precision — like most racing games and first-person shooters — can be played but might ultimately cause frustration, but otherwise, you should be satisfied with what OneCast offers. Using OneCast locally with your Xbox One and Mac connected to your router is one thing, but connecting when you're away from home over the internet is entirely different.

It is possible, but OneCast doesn't recommend it and I wasn't able to test it. The process involves a bunch of extra steps that, honestly, don't sound like they're worth it. Even OneCast says that the hit to performance will likely make your games unplayable. The in-app manual has a bunch more information about using OneCast over the open internet if you wish to give this method a shot. Have you had a chance to test out OneCast?

Which games did you try, and how did they work on wired vs. Be sure to let us know in the comments section! We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station? Can AirPods Pro hold up against thousands of jostled jogging steps and sweaty ears while still providing clear, yet transparent, audio? Find out how they performed on my morning jog. It's a great time to be a Nintendo fan. Check out the impressive list of exclusive Switch games coming out in Early iMac macOS Mojave Target Display Mode just isn't popping up, so I've already tried it.

What else can I do? Monchao Monchao 65 1 1 silver badge 11 11 bronze badges. It would HAVE to be thunderbolt to thunderbolt for it to actually work? HDMI doesn't include Thunderbolt. Just because the connector fits, doesn't mean the signal is correct. You are correct that Apple documents only Thunderbolt works. For certain Monchao - you'll want to connect an HDMI display that has a high refresh rate if lag is the issue.

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Press the folder icon to choose which folder you want to add as a share. Using the Media Player App The great thing about the Media Player app on your Xbox is that it can see your Plex Media Server perfectly and give you access to all the media you have set up.

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Open up your Apps and Games from your Start screen. From the Apps menu, find and open Media Player. Media Player will open, and within a few seconds your Media Server will appear. Plex Media Server. Install and set up Plex Media Server on your Mac. You can repeat this for any other sections you wish to add, like Music.

Using your smartphone. Tap the type of media you want Video, Music or Photo and browse for the file you want to play. Tap on your Xbox One, and the file will start to play on your console. Authors Dan Plummer.