Mac os x 10.6 disable startup sound

But silencing the sound permanently will require a terminal command that changes a hidden setting. If your Mac was set to maximum volume level, the boot chime will be played at maximum volume.

  • How to Temporarily Disable the Startup Sound!
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  • Keep your Mac’s volume settings (and startup chime) under control.

If your Mac was muted, the startup chime will be silenced. To do this, open a Terminal window.

Stop the Mac Startup Sound on Older Macs with a Preference Panel

Enter your password when prompted and press Enter. This may be hardware-dependent, and certain commands may only work on certain hardware. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Another way is using Arcana StartupSound.

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Why, I asked myself, was the startup sound playing so loudly through the speakers even when I always have my headphones plugged in, and why did it still play so loudly when I had set the volume to the minimum or muted it entirely before shutting down. This software enables you to control the volume of the startup sound of your Macintosh computer from Mac OS X.

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  6. If you get lonely and want to re-enable the startup sound repeat steps 1 thru 3 but use this command instead.. Worked when I had Mountain Lion as well.