How to uninstall bootcamp on mac os x

Following the wild fusion of the partition bootcamp via disk utility your solution worked, thank you very much!

Hi there! I got the same problem here. Any idea? Maybe we should try running a windows 7 disk and then remove the partition from the windows 7 installer? EFI boot no longer tries to run Windows startup, it just boots to a black screen when selected.

Any solutions? I even reformatted my hard drive and restored from a time machine backup and EFI boot showed up again.

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I was able to install Windows 10 without sound unfortunately by creating the partition o Disk Utility and then formatting it using the windows install partition creator. But now I have three entries on my boot loader, two for Windows and one for Sierra. I got my problems sorted out.


Click Storage so you can see how much free space on your hard drive. Check for updates and backup Before you run Boot Camp, Apple recommends you have the latest software update and that you backup your important files. Click the Apple menu in the upper left and then hit App Store. Go to Updates and install any software updates for macOS. Restart your computer if prompted. After restarting, check for software updates again until no new ones are available. Because Boot Camp will be moving and re-allocating space on your hard drive, you should back up any important data before you continue, in case anything becomes corrupted during the process.

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Install Windows Time for the main event. Quit all open applications and then open up a Finder window. Open Boot Camp Assistant , then click Continue.

How to Share Files Between Mac OS X and Windows With Boot Camp

The next step is to partition your hard drive. IDG Move the slider to give your Windows partition more or less space. Remember that any space you assign will be taken from the available space for your Mac, and that macOS will run more efficiently if you leave at least 30 to 40GB of space free on its partition. We recommend a 5GB margin at minimum. Windows will now start to install. The Boot Camp Installer should then appear in a new window. Accept the terms of the license agreement and it will start installing any necessary drivers.

If you installed Windows 10, you should also use Apple Software Update to prevent known driver issues.

IDG In the top box, select all of the available updates and then click Install items. You can also choose to install New Software , like iCloud, if you want.

Before you start

Windows will ask if you want to allow Apple Software Update to make changes, click Yes. Click OK and your Mac should now reboot into a fully functioning version of Windows 10!

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  • Installing Windows on pre Macs While Macs from pre can still run Windows, the installation process is slightly more complex. Click Applications and then go into Utilities. Click Continue to begin setup.

    Boot Camp (software)

    This software will allow you to install the most current drivers for Windows. Now click Continue. IDG If asked for your administrative credentials, fill them in. Then press Enter to start downloading the software. IDG After the download finishes, the assistant will prompt you to create a Windows partition on your hard drive. This action segments your drive to devote free space only for Windows, without interfering with or erasing your existing macOS installation.