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Built-in switcher supports up to nine video sources. Connecting all video sources directly to mimoLive gives you the ability to use multiple sources at the same time on screen, for example to display two or more camera angles simultaneously. Use mimoLive for easy play out of graphics and videos to the ATEM switcher or to add graphics to the video feed from the switcher and stream or record the resulting mix. SDI Playout. Integrate mimoLive in your existing broadcasting environment as a powerful graphics machine or video switcher. Play out video including the alpha channel via SDI through Blackmagic Design devices separated by key and fill signal.

Modern 64 bit Architecture. Recording and streaming for days or playing lots of videos doesn't let mimoLive run out of memory. Using modern OS X features such as the full screen mode make for a better user experience. All included layers can be customized in many ways.

Select the proper fonts, colors, position and more to suit your individual CI look and feel. Many parameters can be modified directly on-screen, making configuring the layers easier and quicker than ever before. If you need it done quickly, order a custom template , created by our experts according to your designer's specifications. Go even beyond that and create your own layers, for example to display sensor data or data from your own database.

If you require help, you can also order a custom layer programmed by our experts. Virtual Camera. Virtual Camera requires a separate download to install a plugin. Play out audio and video files in sequence. Includes a layer to show info about the file currently played, including album art. Several Play modes: Play the next file every time the source is switched live, play the list while the source is live, picking up where you left off, or start over every time you activate the playlist source.

Mix and match file formats, resolutions, frame rates which are automatically converting at playout.

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Supports all video and audio files that macOS can play back. Remote Control Surface.

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  8. Make it much easier for the operator to run the show by providing only the controls they need. Use your iPad, iPhone, Android or desktop computer via the browser. Distribute responsibilities among a group of operators, for example when producing a morning announcement with your students by running multiple different surfaces on different devices controlling the same document. Use one remote control surface for camera switching, one for operating lower thirds, one for keeping score in a sports game. Keep an eye on your sources with the configurable multi-view. Control the Switcher layer by clicking on a source in the multi-view to switch it live.

    Two multi-views give you maximum flexibility: Use one multi-view in the main application window to make most use of your screen and put the second multi-view on an external screen for maximum overview. Control PTZ cameras directly in the multi-view coming soon. PTZ Control. Control PTZ cameras from directly within mimoLive and eliminate the need for separate camera operators.

    Set up camera positions that you can recall at the push of a button or directly move the camera around with the mouse. No account required for your guests, just send them a URL that will connect them straight to your mimoLive source. Perfect for interviews, discussion panels or off-site reporters. Use cases.

    Different Apps for Screen Mirroring Mac to Samsung TV

    School TV mimoLive is an affordable, scalable and easy-to-learn solution to build a low-cost TV studio. Easily broadcast morning announcements including a professional weather report , theater club performances, sports events or commencement speaches. Give your students and active role in making a television show and foster essential skills such as collaboration, problem solving, creativity, decision making and others as set forth by leading eductors at the ISTE.

    So easy to learn, students will master mimoLive in a breeze and teachers will not be left far behind. Events, Conferences, Conventions Multiple camera angles add perspective and depth so that the presenter appears more connected to the audience. The video of a presentation or a concert can be made available or sold to the audience right after the performance finishes.

    Extremely small and mobile, a presentation recording and streaming kit with MacBook Pro, two HD cameras and a grabber for the PowerPoint slides off the projector can fit in a suitcase. Technologies such as face recognition and auto-follow can reduce the need for a camera operator, paving the way for a one-man production team. Always control what's visible on the big screen, even when presenters connect their own computers and set up their presentations.

    Fill the breaks with social media content like a twitter feed or Instagram photos.

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    Easily manage event sponsor messages with the Playlist source. Playout any media submitted by your presenters, independent of frame rate, dimensions or format. Jumbotron Drive the big screen at big events or in your stadium. Easily adapt your playout to the native resolution of the Jumbotron for maximum quality. Fill the breaks with social media content such as a twitter feed or Instagram photos. Display sports scores, tables, standings and other messaging. Sports Use mimoLive to record or stream your sports events on a shoestring budget to expand your audience.

    Display match time, standings, scores and more with the sports scoring layers. Replay interesting situations with the Instand Replay feature. Switch between video feeds and add scores, tournament standings, logos, sponsor messages and more. Coming soon: Use the Web source to pull info from web services supporting your eSport.

    How to Stream Music to Chromecast From Mac

    Visual Radio mimoLive is a cost effective solution to bring your radio show to live video. Pull current song info into your live video.

    How to Chromecast From Mac

    Automatically switch between multiple camera angles in your studio. Enrich your live stream with audience reactions from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Worship Service Broadcast Cost effectively allow more people to share the spiritual experience. Stream live and record at the same time for on-demand viewing later.

    Reach out to the sick, the traveling, the working members of your community who are unable to attend in person and to the young people who are seeking spiritual support and guidance online. Raise funds for your church or other faith organization by selling access to the live broadcast or soliciting donations.

    Home Studio Easy and affordable, high production value, video production and live streaming to YouTube or Facebook. Save time and effort needed to regularly create good content for your podcasts, webinars and training videos.

    - Support also available on devices from others including Sonos, Libratone and B&O Play

    Let your friends call in via Skype or Google Hangout to participate. Green screen doesn't require an expert to set up. Brand your podcasts using your font, colors and logo.