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While I've used TextPad for many years and have a full paid license, I could not get it to actually edit the manifest. In the end, HxD-Hexeditor did the trick for me.

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Also, the SHA-1 hash generation site above kept giving me errors. I'm a thirteen year old girl, my parents put a child tracker on my phone and locked it with parental controls. This saved my life! Thanks so much!!! Holy crap, i am so amazed that this worked, even on ios 7. Thank you soooo much!!!

It perfectly works on my iPhone 5 with iOS 7. Thanks for sharing this precious method. PS: I don't get why step 14 should be that tricky? Worked like a charm. Did this from a Windows 7 box with the same tools for Windows. You did a fabulous job with this guide. My hat is off! You're a lifesaver!! I was able to finally get the program to work. Could not use SRIron browser which is basically Chrome.

Had to check for my emailed key in IE and copied it to clipboard which automatically put it in the key field for me. Program is a lifesaver for anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. I have an iPad 3 and Vista. Worked great! But this time, I wrote down my passcodes so at least I have them somewhere. Nothing is better than the release from stress! This is awesome and it works.

It took 20 minutes of time. I will Recommend these steps to everyone.

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I had enabled the restrictions on while i installed iphone finder. After trying all the steps i can not restore the phone to the modified backup, itunes says the restore cant be made because there is not enough space free on the iphone. Paul: Hi, photos and videos take up the most space in the backup and on your phone.

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You can import media files from the device to your computer from time to time to save space and make your backup smaller. Photos and videos imported this way can always be synced back to the device. Good luck! Andrea: Hi, the last step is to restore the modified backup to your iPhone.


The data from that backup restored means your PIN will be reset to "". Don't forget to keep a copy of your original backup in case something goes wrong! I was also succesful! With those tools and your instruction, it worked on the first attempt! Thanks a lot! IT's just amazing ,i cant believe that it's working prefect ,i was so worried ,even i'm not good programmer to understand these but still i did it and working well Really appreciate ,Thank you. On a first try I used WinVi32 as a hex editor and it didn't work: Couldn't restore the backup file iTunes said it was damaged.

Using Hex-Editor MX it worked well.

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Just did this stuff, totally thought it wouldnt work, worked without a hitch, if when your doing it the part where your writing stuff under SBParentalControlsEnabled and it says you have unsuccesful attempts at unlocking it, just write in where he says to and it works fine. After 27 failed attempts at trying to guess a code I don't remember setting, I found and have bookmarked this solution. Worked with no issues. Great piece of work! Thank you for sharing it to us folks who forget their passwords and don't have all that technical knowledge. Good that you are there! I'm no computer wizard, and even I could follow your wonderful directions to reset a forgotten 'Restrictions Passcode' in my iPad.

The blogs and forums and Apple Support Communities are still not able to figure this out! Thank you so much. Unbelievable that I was incapable of remember 4 numbers, lol. Thank you, very straight forward and easy to do. Todos os direitos reservados. Privacidade e Termos. Recomendamos 2FA. This is iPhone Backup Extractor, think of it as a "personal forensics" utility.

It's pretty awesome. Jonathan Zdziarski. Saiba mais sobre nossas APIs em reincubate. M de Matthew Maio 14 th , C de Chris Julho 5 th , Great Software! Thank you so much! A de asad Novembro 9 th , MC de Michel Congolo Outubro 12 th , N de Nick Junho 11 th , G de Gil Outubro 3 rd , JP de Jo Parish Agosto 24 th , M de mario Julho 3 rd , W de William Junho 12 th , N de nilesh Maio 16 th , S de Sujith Abril 18 th , A de AB Janeiro 28 th , T de Taylor Janeiro 21 st , Thanks for the help!

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SM de Sohil Memon Dezembro 31 st , Awesome man! You saved my life. Thanks for the trick :D Smoothly worked! DK de Darren Kosick Dezembro 10 th , H de Harrie Novembro 19 th , A de Anonymous Novembro 11 th , L de Luis Outubro 14 th , Worked perfectly on my iPhone 5 with iOS 7. Thanx a lot. IE de Isaak Estrada Outubro 11 th , AK de Aung Kadae Outubro 10 th , MA de Mohamed Althaf Setembro 27 th , J de Julia Setembro 25 th , Follow the steps and it's fixed forever.

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Thank you very much! D de daweedian Setembro 23 rd , Thanks a lot for the instruction. T de TM Setembro 23 rd , Don't worry, it'll effectively just change the code! Como fazer backup do meu site? Como fazer Full Backup migrar site para outro servidor?