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These generate a monthly charge which is either added to or deducted from the player's treasury, in accordance with the deal. Canceling a neighbor deal would incur a penalty, unless the deal was cancelled when the other city wished to renegotiate. Although not strictly a city management aspect, SimCity simulates the effect of land value on construction much more realistically than in SimCity In SimCity , land value creates very distinct neighborhoods which tend to contain narrow income bands, creating well-defined slums , middle class areas, and wealthy areas.

Land value is also determined by the city center effect where buildings that are at the city center have higher land values and those buildings on the borders have lower land values. Business deals were another new concept to SimCity ; by allowing certain structures, such as a maximum security prison , to be built within the city, the player can receive a substantial amount of funds from them.

Business deal structures, however, tend to have negative effects on the city, such as reduced land value. There are several changes to the graphical interface in SimCity Although the game retains the pseudo-isometric dimetric perspective of its predecessor, the actual landscape became more complex and colorful. In SimCity and SimCity , the playable landscape is mostly brown, while in SimCity , the playable landscape is a more realistic green color, along with other colors that progressively change by height, from beige beach sand to green to brown bare ground to white snow.


In SimCity , land could either be flat or sloped, and all slopes were of the same steepness. In SimCity , there are five distinct steepness of slope, creating more varied landscapes. There are different types of trees which can appear on the playable map, ranging from small, Deciduous trees to towering Redwoods. SimCity and its revision, Unlimited , feature seven advisors, each covering a specific issue city finances, transportation, environmental issues, city planning, safety, health and education, and city utilities , who help players make proper decisions in the game by providing recommendations and advice.

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As opposed to previous versions of SimCity , these advisors have names and actually give in-depth advice, rather than brief summaries of the situation in their department. There are also petitioners, many of whom are citizens of the city, that request players to modify city policies, such as lowering tax rates, or enacting an ordinance.

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Some are outside interests, often pushing proposals which would harm the city i. The mayors of the four cities neighboring at each of the edges of the city's map a feature carried over from SimCity also chime in if the player's city is connected to them by road or rail, to request that the player's city handle their city services trash disposal, water, power, etc.

In addition to advisors, a news ticker scrolls along the bottom of the screen, displaying pertinent information about the city in the form of news stories, such as indicating that the city needs more schools, or how well a particular city department is functioning.

Generally, when things were going very well in a city, the news ticker would display headlines which are comical, or even nonsensical and often seemingly useless to the player. Examples of such headlines being: "After 36 years of marriage, man discovers wife to be form of rare yucca plant," or " City Name prints all wrong numbers in phone book, leads to 15 marriages" or quotes from a "Tommy B.

On occasions, the ticker will even provide a foreshadowing of an approaching disaster, for example, sometimes reading " Did you feel that big truck pass by? It wasn't a truck? SimLeary buys prize-winning cow ", or perhaps another quote from a set range of different headlines before a disaster occurs. The text in the ticker can then be clicked to reveal more about the news item.

Real world landmarks are also introduced in SimCity , but are mostly for aesthetic purposes though placing a building would open up an option in the city ordinances window for tourism advertising , and are free of construction cost. Another major change from SimCity is the addition of a live music score, whose lead composer is Jerry Martin. The new soundtrack incorporates new-age and live jazz songs. The fifteen tracks from the game are also available as MP3s for download on EA's SimCity website for listening outside of the game. Burr and Art Hirahara on piano.

INI causes two of the older tracks to not appear on the selection menu. They are not playable unless the file is edited from 0x0a to 0x Concrete Jungle All tracks should have a 0,1,0,1 as well. SimCity Main Theme In addition to this error, there are three hidden tracks. Prior to the acquisition of Sim developer Maxis by Electronic Arts in , plans were originally made in to develop SimCity as a fully 3D game, in tune with the emergence of 3D video games.

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The second version of Sim City would receive a more positive reception during its appearance in E3, and was well-received after its release in January although Maxis originally intended the game to be released by Christmas ; regardless, EA willingly waited until the game was completed.

SimCity shipped 1 million copies in its debut six months. The advisors were neat. And the graphics were a pretty big step up.

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I did not like the version where you spent all day building sewers, posted by ovvl at PM on June 25, [ 1 favorite ]. I think SimCity is a better version than SimCity 4. And 's soundtrack is the best in the series. Thanks for the help. I marked pmdboi's as best because he ran Sim City 4 on an identical computer. Sim City 4 is also still available new and easy to buy from Amazon. Thanks again.

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She doesn't have internet access. Please hope me. Bonus points if I can get Sim City for her before she asks me again! The original Sim City was for original-era Macs, and would run just fine, but is pretty simplistic. Sim City was mids, and would also run like a breeze on that system, and was also available for the PPC Mac. Sim City was late 90s I think? Should run just fine on that as well, but I offer no guarantees. Sim City 4 is pretty much completely out. And the triple-post! I don't know how well it'd run on her PC, but it's out there as an option, and much more available than is, and probably a better overall game.